Graduate and Apprentice Programmes

Looking to develop your graduates and apprentices into well-rounded,
high-achieving employees?

The Graduate/Apprentice Residential Programme Experience

Aimed at graduates and apprentices from any discipline, our tailored Graduate and Apprentice Programmes, hosted at Newgale Lodge, will aid in shaping delegates into rounded employees, learning skills which are essential for achieving maximum success within their careers. We work with your organisation to understand the early career support that you want to provide, and we design the best fit for your needs. We also bring a powerful and challenging approach to their development. Our programmes ensure that your graduates or apprentices are stretched and fully prepared for your work environment and for future progression.

All of our residential programmes are completely bespoke. Our immersive experiential programme will push your learners out of their comfort zone, where real and lasting learning can take place.

Why choose The Development Company?

Our Experiential Residential Development Programmes are an immersive learning process that achieve impressive results.

Put simply, experiential development is learning through experience and reflection. We learn best from experience, and within the format of a bespoke programme graduates and apprentices are able to undertake controlled practical development projects that allow for rapid trial and error. The learning that takes place in this format is effective and long lasting as it achieves behaviour change as well as the application of new skills.

DCo design bespoke experiential programmes for graduates and apprentices that intertwine direct and often practical experience of core skills within a learning environment and subject context.

We focus on connecting the active participation in development projects with a challenging review and reflection process that ensures the learning is centred on the workplace and the opportunities for transition of skills.

Why choose Newgale Lodge?

A residential course based at Newgale Lodge, which is proudly owned by The Development Company, takes delegates out of their workplaces and homes, away from their day-to-day routines and stresses and into the unknown, making the course a lot more intense, ensuring that everything learned during their time at the Lodge will be retained far into their careers.

The local area is an integral part of the course; graduates will take part in range of activities, including a CSR module in which they will liaise with local charities to provide a service to them, which will involve decision-making, communicating effectively and developing their ability to work as a team towards a common goal.

Alongside this, delegates have the option to attend workshops at a local theatre to focus on presentation and communication skills, with continuous feedback and guidance at the centre of the learning process.

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