Themed Weekends

Fancy something a little different?

At Newgale Lodge, we host three alternative event packages for those who fancy something a little unusual. These can be customised to specifically fit your group and are especially popular with our birthday party planners, Stags and Hens.

Zombie Apocalypse

Think you’ve got what it takes to survive a Zombie Apocalypse? Book now you and your group can find out!

‘It really was an epic two days’Anon

‘We all had such a laugh and it was really immersive. Can’t wait to do it again for my stag’J. Adams

All of our packages are customisable, and can be tailored to your group.

So, if you want to make part of the package difficult or special to a particular person, simply let us know!

Murder Mystery

Was it the farmer? Was it the lady of the house? Was it you? Can your group figure it out in time? Book now and find out.

‘We did this for my 40th and it was such a good evening, I’d recommend it to anyone’ Bethany C
‘The actors were great and really helped carry the evening, we all loved the plot and really enjoyed the special touches thrown in to surprise the birthday boy’Anon

Hostage Negotiation

Can you talk the talk when it matters most? Can your group cope under pressure? Book now and find out!

‘Best stag for sure’Craig. F
‘Absolute cracking time, parts were super tense and we nearly didn’t crack it in time’James. F

‘Great night with the lads’Anon

For advice on these packages simply . . .

  • Call Newgale Lodge on +44 (0) 1437 720 959
  • Send us an email to