How Team Getaways Benefit Your Company 

June 5, 2024
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Team Getaways: One of the most honest experiences you will have with your team…

Life is complicated and busy. Sentiments often get confused through communication due to distraction or high-stress situations. This is where team getaways come into the picture… Finally, you get the space to focus on your objectives, future, and team, everything is left at the door when you arrive at Newgale Lodge.

The predominant benefit to Team Getaways is that they tend to level the internal hierarchies which may appropriately function at the office but are otherwise redundant. This allows other members of staff to shine through, and for you to capture the inside scoop on otherwise introverted individuals.

This can be particularly useful with organisations which host plenty of remote/hybrid working dynamics, since many personalities and achievements can slip under the radar. Often individuals may feel undervalued just because they aren’t the loudest in the room.

Time away from the office and work setting also fosters more functional connection.

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View of Skomer Bunkhouse & The ‘BAA‘ from Caldey House

Benefits of Team Getaways: Psychological Safety

Team away events can boost the feeling of belonging and awareness. A different, more casual environment enables individuals to be more open and avoid ‘code-switching’.

A common aspect of professionalism is acting. It’s necessary in order to carry out the tasks and relationships that are needed in a business setting. However, naturally it can stifle genuine encounters with colleagues. This is why taking breaks, like team away events, are crucial in avoiding stagnancy of perspective & superficial disguises. Since the hierarchy of a business setting is levelled out in these scenarios, connection and interpersonal relationships are easier to build or explore.

In addition, individuals may feel like they don’t get the time to express concerns over the smaller details without these events. Given the time and space, they can open up so that the workplace can be optimised for future performance.

Team events are a fantastic way for organisations to trouble shoot from the inside out.

  • Team away days are designed to target the unseen dysfunctions, tensions, and pain-points
  • The natural output of a successful culture is always diversity and openness.

The key to growth is openness to this discomfort. We offer a range of different development programmes and activities which will stretch and challenge your team. Appropriate levels of challenge and discomfort encourage growth, which is why we are proud of our disruptive values. 

In addition to growth, other important aspects of team getaways are boosts in moral, confidence, and communication. 

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