How Team Development Makes A Real Difference?

June 10, 2023
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We host tailored team development programmes at Newgale Lodge.  Designed and run by our sister company (DCo.) we know they make a significant difference in the growth and effectiveness of a team.

Unlike off-the-shelf or generic team development a tailored programme is customized to meet the specific needs, challenges, and goals of your particular team or organisation.

Tailored programs are designed to be relevant.  They address the specific issues and dynamics within the team. This relevance ensures that the activities and content directly relate to the team’s real-life challenges, making the learning experience more applicable and meaningful.

We design programmes that make the learning for the team focused.  The team is given the time outside of normal working hours to focus on particular areas that need improvement. This targeted approach can accelerate the team’s growth and address critical skill gaps more effectively.

Teams are constantly changing and a residential programme allows individuals to participate in shared experiences and challenges. Team members can more readily strengthen their bond, trust, and collaboration in a development setting and this leads to improved team cohesion and communication in the workplace.

The team programmes allow time for assessment and evaluation of the team’s strengths and weaknesses. This analysis helps identify further areas for improvement and provides the opportunity to spend time on performance improvement. Spending time working ‘on’ and not just ‘in’ the team allows for honest reflection that doesn’t occur during day-to-day interactions in the workplace.

Putting a team through customised development activities and simulations challenges them to work together to solve complex problems. The experiential nature of residential programmes fosters critical thinking, creativity, and innovation within the team.

Team members have the time to receive personalised feedback throughout the development process and this allows for greater understanding of their individual strengths and areas for growth. Tailored programmes also facilitate peer feedback which can lead to greater understanding and improved self-awareness.

Residential team programmes allow the space to cultivate open communication in an impactful way. The depth of engagement and relevance of a tailored programme contributes to long-lasting learning and behaviour change. The environment created is safe and supportive whilst also enabling team members to be stretched and to address challenges constructively. Team members are more likely to apply the insights gained during the residential programme to their everyday work.

Residential team development has a positive impact on performance levels.  As teams grow and develop through the course of a programme their engagement, performance and productivity often improve, leading to better outcomes for the organisation.

If you have a team who would benefit from a tailored programme, get in touch to discuss your specific requirement.